As Ash and I were sitting in our rooms today (both of us are sick), our guard, Nelson, called to me from outside. When we came out, he was holding this little guy:

Although tempted to keep him, we let him go. Look at those precious eyes. 


Luckily, I asked my doctor from the US to prescribe me treatment to take along with me — in case I acquired Malaria. So thankful.

'lil update

Crystal Lite is a delicacy out here. Ash and I are friends with a nice man who occasionally gives us these. It’s always the highlight of my day.

From the event — the new fad taking the region by storm: water bottle dancing.

And right now, Ashley takes a stretch break as we pull an all-nighter editing. #ashleyissuchastud

[ARTICLE] interesting perspective from a reporter who traveled with the UPDF -- in the hunt for Joseph Kony

The current status of Ashley and I:

The hunt for Joseph Kony continues:

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(image source: Trevor Snapp / Pulitzer Center for Newsweek)

I miss:
  • haircuts
  • frozen yogurt
  • streaming music online
  • riding my bike
  • yoga class
  • hiking Cowles Mtn.
  • Julian, CA
  • surfing / skimboarding
  • my National Geographic Magazine collection
  • thrift store shopping with mom and grandma
  • and of course, friends, family. so. much.

Lunch break + 5 minute siesta. #exhausted #sunburn #potatosandegglunch

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During the Kony 2012 event in Gulu, Norbert Mao (the Democratic Party President and former LC5 chairman of Gulu District) called for an extension of Uganda’s Amnesty Act for the LRA, which is due to expire in May 2012.

According to the Kony 2012 events guest of honor, the Deputy Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament Jacob Oulanyah, the Amnesty Act has been extended for two more years though it has yet to be solidified.

This is huge. LRA combatants that defect will be able to be pardoned. Without the Amnesty Act it would be difficult for those forced to be LRA rebels to come home to Uganda.

Great coverage of the Kony 2012 event in Gulu, Uganda on April 13th and 14th at Pece Stadium.

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The showing of Kony 2012 Part I &II in Gulu Uganda on April 13th was huge. Thousands upon thousands of community members packed the entirety of Pece Stadium.
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